Rewriting Your Child’s Education One Chapter at a Time

A little about my homeschool education philosophy….

After 15 years of working with children of all ages in public, private, and at home education settings, I’ve discovered an IDEAL education philosophy that’s missing in education today. It’s common knowledge that the four core subjects (language arts, social studies, science, and math) and part of the arts(music, visual art)  are taught readily.

But what about the life skills- the skills that get us ready for the real world and beyond? Well, IDEAL (below) has answered that question and it is my life mission for my children and children all over the world to experience an IDEAL homeschool education.

I- Innovation

This is where we teach entrepreneurship skills to children using STEAM principles including: inventing (science), website building/social media marketing(tech), building prototype (engineering), art (creativity), and math (financial literacy).

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D- Different

This is where we find your child’s individual giftings and passions and teach to them accordingly. I found the ‘arts’ cater to this with visual art, music, theatre, graphic art and dance.

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This involves overall health and fitness. In order for children to live a long, happy life, they need to be healthy and fit. We accomplish this through group fitness ideas and health education.

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A- Authentic learning

This is where students take what they are learning and apply it to the real world! We use community service and mission work as our big component of the latter.

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L- Learning thru experience

This is where career/travel learning comes into play. This engages children in their learning by actually VISITING the places they’ve been learning about. Further, the career component helps them to find out what career path they’ll want to explore after high school.

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Join me in the IDEAL homeschool movement and rewrite your child’s education, one chapter at a time!!!