How to Handle the Change and Homeschooling in Florida!

Let’s talk about CHANGE. First off, you’ll need to feel things out for a  few months. Be sure to discuss change and relocation while exploring their emotions. Fortunately for us, my kids seemed pretty receptive.  Kids are very resilient and nothing has to be permanent (hence renting).

We were very honest with the kids about missing family, new school, etc , but we just talked about all the fun things we’d be doing and that the change is BEST for our family. We learned that sometimes you have to branch out in Faith for the sake of your FAMILY. At the end of the day, that’s what it comes down to.


Florida is an excellent place to homeschool! Not only does it host the largest homeschool conference in the nation, but there is a LARGE community of homeschoolers here and we love it! There are many facebook groups you can join in your area for example: Faith at Home Homeschool Support Group (through Faith Assembly – my church in Orlando), FLVS Homeschooling Parents (FLEX), S.O.L.N.A. Homeschool group (lake Nona group).

They also have many ‘meet-ups’ you can join if you’d like. I started a private group up this year entitled IDEAL homeschooling. We have afternoon classes in the arts and sciences, do community service together, travel learn and job shadow!


With the weather being nice year round, you can visit zoos, parks, gardens, theme parks, museums, science centers,  theatres, etc! We typically get yearly passes to certain places like: Central Florida zoo, Orlando Science center. What’s cool about the latter? You can visit zoos or science centers all over Florida and the nation with these passes!

Theme parks- need I say more? We had passes to Disney one year and my kids learned so much about wildlife/conservation at Animal Kingdom, science, art, and social studies at Epcot, space and energy at Magic Kingdom, and filmmaking at Hollywood! Pretty amazing experience.


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