Our Journey to Find Life Required Changes

Are there things you’re struggling with in life? Your job? Your child’s education? Your location? Your lack of funds? Your passion and purpose for life? Your unhappiness?

Our family experienced all those things at one time or another so we made CHANGES. BIG CHANGES. We REWROTE OUR LIFE

We changed our jobs, our child’s education, our location, our lack of funds and found passion, purpose and happiness. We are living proof that CHANGE IS GOOD. Read below to discover our journey to find LIFE!

Let go

My husband was let go of his corporate job at a fortune 500 company in fall of 2015. I can still remember sitting at the lake , reading “Do Over,” and him calling me up to tell me. It was a sign – a new chapter- a new beginning. You see, he was not happy at his job. It was meaningless to him, unfulfilling. It was affecting other areas in his life. It was time to let go of the past and begin a new chapter in entrepreneurship.


The fortunate part for us was the fact that my husband was smart- really smart. For five to ten years, he was working on this ‘side hustle.’ He recommends every has one. This is where you find a hobby and pursue it. His hobby happened to be building websites and content writing. He established many clients through those years and those clients (who remembered his hard work ethic, skill, and quality work) are his large customers today. Knup solutions is a growing company that started as ‘side hustle.’ You too can let go, get out of your meaningless work, and rewrite a life chapter…


In order for you to maintain this ‘side hustle,’ you need three things: dedication, passion, patience. Dedication comes in the form of working long hours when you’re tired from a long day at work. Passion is finding something that fuels your fire- it won’t feel like work if it’s something you love. Patience? This is where you wait- you put the hard work and wait… If God’s journey for you is to rewrite a chapter, it will be rewritten- in his time. Our time came in 2015… When will yours be?


With this new ‘remote’ job, which stemmed from his forward thinking, we needed a change in education. This is why I decided to homeschool. Homeschooling is something that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to pursue, but I just wasn’t give the chance to do until the other chapters were closed. Now, with this change in job, we were able to move to a state, Florida, that believes in the power of homeschooling. With this encouragement, I formed my own philosophy on education entitled- IDEAL.

IDEAL is where you focus on innovation through entrepreneurship, different pathways of learning through the arts, essential health and wellness teaching, authentic real -world community service opportunities, and learning through travel and careers. God gave me this phrase years ago and I’m utilizing it in my children’s education. It’s not enough to each them to the four core subjects- you need to teach them LIFE SKILLS that will stand the test of time. My goal is for children all over the nation to see the VALUE in these skills and chapters in education will be rewritten.


It all comes down to this. Change for us was full circle- change in job, change in our mindset, change in education, change in family. Our family has CHANGED. We are closer, more loving, less stressed, more influential, more well-rounded, and ready to change the world. We believe that families need to CHANGE. If your kids aren’t happy, change.

If your husband is struggling, change. If you are stressed to the max, change. Don’t be afraid- take it one chapter at a time, or one page, and rewrite your life. Life needs to be lived.. Are you and your family living?