Rewritten Life: Pick up your pen, rewrite your story, and succeed in LIFE!

Pick up your pen- By picking up your pen,  you’re acknowledging that you need to obtain different characteristics, LIFE skills, for success in life. These words are self-discipline, perseverance, optimism,  critical thinking, confidence, ambition, creativity, engagement, knowledge, loyalty, empathy, and respect.

Rewrite Your LIFE chapters-  Next, you rewrite the chapters in your story to include LIFE. These LIFE ACTIONS added to your plot will enable you to become the hero in your LIFE story and achieve success! Life actions include a Healthy LIFESTYLE,  INTELLIGENCE  through the arts, FAMILY values and culture, and social ENTREPRENEURSHIP. 

Succeed ( accomplish your purpose) in LIFE!  Now, you have the words, actions, and ability to accomplish your purpose in LIFE! What’s your LIFE PURPOSE? It’s the vision for your life based on things that are meaningful to you- things like your health, intelligence in education, your family, and giving back to those in need. As it’s been said, “The main purpose of our existence is to live with peace and to serve God, learn,  work, and help people.”

So join the movement and become a LIFE WRITER with me.

I’d love to help you write your story of SUCCESS!