Improving the LIFE of a Student-Athlete

Athlete. Student. Leader.

Rewritten Life was born out of wanting a better LIFE for my student-athletes.

After years of discovery, I realized the secret to their success:

Lifestyle that’s healthy

Intelligence through homeschooling

Family values incorporation

Entrepreneurial mindset

These LIFE qualities are what set my student-athletes apart from the others.

Who Am I?

Sarah Knuppel is the founder of Rewritten Life.

  • A life-long educator in public, private, and homeschool environments.
  • A former college dancer and proud mother to three student-athletes.
  • An entrepreneur at heart.
  • A purposeful human who believes in the power of achieving your dream.

The Problem?

Let’s face it- being a student-athlete is challenging. You feel you don’t have enough time to train as you’re in school for 7 hours a day. You’re tired after practice and not engaged for late-night studying. You’re not taking time for the most important thing in life, your family. Finally, you have no time to focus on your future including college and career. Your LIFE is running you ragged and you need a solution!

This is why we created the Athlete’s Playbook!

What is the Athletes Playbook?

Athlete’s Playbook – Drafting a better athlete, student, teammate, and leader!

To be a stellar athlete, you need to train more than the competition. You need to focus on nutrition, fitness, and mindset. These healthy lifestyle concepts will develop ‘skills for success’ including optimism, perseverance, and self-discipline.

To become an amazing student, your studying needs to integrate arts, learning styles, and cooperative learning. These intelligence concepts will develop ‘skills for success’ including creativity, engagement, and learnability.

To be an awesome teammate, you need to learn and apply family values. You will treat your teammates like you would your family. These family values will develop ‘skills for success’ including respect, loyalty, and empathy.

To be an impactful leader, you need to establish an entrepreneurial mindset for your future as a college athlete. This entrepreneurship training will develop ‘skills for success’ including resiliency, influence, and innovation.

Why the Athletes Playbook?

Here’s what I discovered from the Athlete’s Playbook for Student-Athletes:

Homeschooled student-athletes have more time to train and increase their chances of playing collegiate athletics.

Homeschooled student-athletes have better-studying abilities and increase their chances of an academic scholarship.

Homeschooled student-athletes exhibit character and leadership skills that set them apart from other collegiate contenders.

Where to Participate?

Rewritten Life and Lake Nona Performance Club are excited to introduce the LNPC LIFE Academy to the Lake Nona area of Orlando, Florida!

Why Choose the LNPC LIFE Academy

This program is unlike any other homeschool experience in Orlando, FL.

  • 2 hours per day of on-site education from a certified teacher.
  • 2 hours per day of multi-sport-specific training by former professional players and certified coaches.
  • 2 hours per day dedicated to mindset, fitness and nutrition.

For more details about the LNPC LIFE Academy check out our upcoming Open House on May 31st.

The LNPC LIFE Academy is an elite program for student-athletes in Lake Nona, FL. Your first step is to fill out the application here.

You can also download our full open house slide show that covers the Education piece of this program here.