4 Reasons To Choose Homeschooling On Your Rewritten Life

There is no school equal to a decent home, and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent. -Mahatma Gandhi

1. Family First

As an educator, I LOVED my students. Their likes, dislikes, learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses…

I got to know them really well! However, what about MY CHILDREN? Did I acknowledge their likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses? Did I show them LOVE on a daily basis?

I did not, for I was too tired in the evening after a long day of work and extracurricular evening activities.

Weekends? I was up on Saturday and Sunday mornings lesson planning and grading papers for hours..

So, I began to ask myself a serious, life altering question…

“Where was the QUALITY OR QUANTITY OF TIME WITH MY OWN CHILDREN? The ones whom I birthed, given to me by God to nurture, protect and love?“

Can any of you relate? Are you investing too much energy into your career or missing your children during the day while they’re at school for 8 hours? Do you feel called to be the INVESTOR in your own children? Do you want your FAMILY BACK?

You may be called HOME- it’s a freeing lifestyle where you have control over your child’s schedule, learning, nutrition, fitness, spiritual walk, and talents. You truly put your FAMILY FIRST when you’re called home…

Here’s what our daily family life looks like now :

  • 5am- I’m up writing curriculum, planning supplemental art and science material, and blogging about our rewritten life.
  • 8am-Kids are up making a healthy breakfast and working out
  • 9am- we are at the breakfast table discussing bible verses and goals for the week
  • 9-12 pm- we are working hard on subject matter, using our God given talents and strengths, overcoming weaknesses with mom’s help
  • 1pm is outdoor time! We live in Florida for a reason so we visit parks, museums, our own backyard!
  • 2pm is down time- we can watch tv, read, nap, have tech time, or just get creative!
  • 3pm we have energy for our evening talents (tennis, basketball, and baseball).
  • 9pm… The day is done and I have time for my husband- to watch TV shows and chat about our day, visions, and dreams…

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2. Educational Control – An IDEAL Learning Model

How much do you really know about your child’s education? Ask yourself these questions:

Is it state and national standard based? Does it include fine art amongst the main subjects taught? Does it teach real world learning and application ? Does it cater to your child’s preferred learning style? Is it trendy, using STEAM and foreign language concepts? Is the learning environment supportive and creative?

As an educator for over 20 years, I asked myself these questions and began to realize it is very difficult to find an IDEAL learning model of education in the private or public sector. So, I pulled my students’ out of private school and developed IDEAL.

IDEAL education is a learning model for students which involves: Integrative, Differentiated, Edgy, and Authentic Learning. IDEAL education is the solution to learning today and I have mastered it in the homeschool setting. Allow me to break it down for you…

I stands for Integrative

An integrative approach to education is where students choose a theme and make connections amongst the 4 basic subjects (math, language arts, social studies, and science) , fine arts (visual art, dance, theatre, and music) and foreign language.

For example, Valentine’s Day- we would come up with a math story problem using love, write a LOVE poem, read about the History of Valentine’s Day, and do a science experiment on candy hearts.

Then, include the 4 fine arts (visual art, dance, theatre, and music): a Valentine’s Day drawing, musical piece from Kandinsky, a dance to his music and an authentic script about love. Finally, we’d transpose English words of love into foreign language.

D stands for Differentiation

Differentiation means tailoring instruction to individual needs including content (common core standards), process (learning style activities), product (creative assessment) , and environment (safe and supportive). Content must be nation and state standard based, acknowledging student interests.

Process utilized the VARK model (visual- artwork; auditory- music, read/write- scripts, stories, and kinesthetic- movement, acting). Product involves learning style and mastery of content using creative assessments.

The Learning environment is supportive, respectable, and can be individual or in a group setting.

E stand for Edgy or trendy

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) is one of the top trends in education today. STEAM learning promotes a compelling, creative, and innovative learning environment. Entrepreneurship is a great example of using STEAM in learning.

A stands for Authentic learning

This involves connecting what students are taught in the classroom to real world issues- solving problems and applying it to their lives. Why authentic?

Students will be more interested, motivated, and successful in life if what their learning equips them with useful skills in the real world! Authentic learning can involve projects on: politics, healthcare, racism, drugs, economy, online safety, and global climate change.

L is for learning

With my IDEAL model in education, you are guaranteed that your students will learn! The right brain (visual, music, movement and acting) and left brain (logical reasoning and words) will be activated when using this learning model!

IDEAL learning encompasses: all four main academic subjects, fine arts, common core standards, learning styles, creative assessment, supportive environment, STEAM, foreign language, and real world teaching!

Want to know more about IDEAL learning experiences? Contact me at sarahknuppel.com and we can connect.
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3. Travel Learning

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.“ Abraham Lincoln

Picture this – your child has just read about the four ecosystems. He or she is excited to experience these in the world! “Let’s visit the tundra, a rainforest, a desert, a forest!” he or she exclaims! However, the constraints of the time, money, and opportunity are real in a public/private school classroom setting…

I began to ask myself what types of real life learning experiences I wanted for my children and came up with this: “I want my children to SEE the things they’re learning about! I want them to make their learning meaningful and creative!”

IN Homeschooling , you can make that happen…

For example, when we learn about drama in Language, we attend a Shakespeare play. When we learn about space in Science, we take a trip to NASA. When we discuss US landmarks in History, we visit them. Percentages and unit rates in Math? We venture to grocery stores and restaurants.

These travel dreams come true when we make travel learning an essential part of our homeschooling education adventure!

Some of my favorite Travel Books include:

4. Entrepreneurial Spirit

“If we did all things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” Thomas A. Edison

Do you have untapped passions and talents just waiting to be discovered? Are you wanting to work from home which enables you to be in control of your schedule, home environment, and income achievement? Become an entrepreneur!!

In my family, we use various resources to make this happen. Allow me to use my personal entrepreneurship ventures as inspiration:


I love to write about quality, creative education ideas- It’s my passion. So, I began writing this IDEAL education writing packet as well as STEAM, Inspired Arts, Travel and Authentic learning resources.

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In addition to writing educational material and public speaking, I also am blogging a book… Blogging is the wave of the future.

My husband and I have begun a journey here entitled “Rewritten Life”. It encompasses four pillars – You, Your family, education and entrepreneurship.

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I truly hope this Homeschooling blog helped you to reevaluate your family, education goals, travel experiences and career moves! Stay tuned for future blog posts that enhance your homeschooling experience:.

IDEAL education -how to to help your child learn, Living Simply at home, and Finding your Purpose and Passion!