Top 5 Tools For Online Business Entrepreneurs

Today we want to touch base on some of the top tools to use in your online business as an entrepreneur. This list is some of the sites, apps, tools that I use on nearly a daily basis.

Some of these tools have been critical to growth of my company and I want to spread the word about them. If you run a business online — you already know that without the proper tools — it’s hard to get things done.

But with the proper tools you can do nearly everything imaginable in a more efficient way. Time is money and these tools all enable you, as a business owner, to get things done in a quicker / cheaper manner.

I spent some time talking about this topic out on Youtube. So click here to watch that episode. I really just touch on the Top 5 tools in the video but may add more to this resource page as tools come to mind.

If you have any tools that are critical to your business please contact us and let us know.

1. Asana

Every entrepreneur needs to be organized, and there is no better way to manage your tasks and to do lists than Asana. I went through several different “to do” apps and processes before one finally stuck.

Asana was the one that stuck and now I can’t live without it. You can create any number of projects and then create tasks within that workspace. You can assign tasks to others, due dates, dependent tasks, and on and on.

It’s all cloud based so I can login and see my tasks online or from my phone. The best part about Asana is it’s 100% free. There is a premium upgrade but I honestly haven’t needed that in 3+ years of using it.


2. Canva

Graphic design IS NOT my strong suit. I’ve always struggled with being creative and putting my thoughts into visually appealing graphics. ENTER CANVA!

Canva makes it simple to create eye catching graphics for nearly anything. They have free layouts all setup for blog posts, social media posts, logos and more.

You can quickly edit and manipulate these graphics to meet your requirements. It’s been a life saver to quickly add a watermark to an image. All entrepreneurs should have Canva in their “toolbox”.

Canva is 100% free and does have a paid premium version of the tool as well. I tried the premium version because it had one function I liked. But in the end I didn’t use that piece enough to justify paying.


3. Quickbooks Online

Keeping your finances in order is crucial to running and owning a small business. I’ve tried many different platforms but none better than Quickbooks Online by intuit.

I used to use the Desktop version and it was solid — but now we are a cloud society so the QBO version is right up my alley.

It has a very small monthly price tag with it but it does everything I need. Tracks expenses, tracks revenues, syncs with all of my banks, works for tax season, and more.


4. Zapier

This is a tool that most of you probably have never heard about or used. Zapier is for doing automation tasks online.

Have you ever wanted to connect one system to another but didn’t know how? Enter Zapier! I do things like: when a new lead gives me their email in Clickfunnels, I tell Zapier to text me, and enter a new row in a certain spreadsheet.

I use it to connect Google Spreadsheets, QBO, Clickfunnels, Machforms, text, and on and on. It has a small learning curve and a small monthly pricetag — but it’s very valuable when trying to automate your business tasks.


5. ClickFunnels

The next tool I use every single day in my business is Click Funnels. In fact, this entire website here at Rewritten Life is done in ClickFunnels.

CF is a way for you to create online sales funnels for nearly every niche. These funnels are optimized and build to convert.

The premium version that I use also has an email integration platform called Actionetics. I now use Actionetics 100% and have ditched services such as aWeber and Mailchimp.

It also has an affiliate management piece called “Backpack”. Clickfunnels is a must if you sell any sort of product or service. It will drastically improve your sales.


Best of the Rest

Those were the top five tools I use, but obviously, there are more. So I decided to start an honorable mention tools section here.


This awesome online tool is great for storing passwords. It’s a secure life save that lets me access my passwords from anywhere. There is also a family plan allowing you to share passwords amongst your family.

Click here to try LastPass!

Amolto Call Recorder

If you do any kind of podcasting you have probably experienced the same issue I have for years… QUALITY. How do I record an interview in great quality for a podcast. Got the solution here. Combine Skype with Amolto Call Recorder and you are good to go! Don’t use the built in Skype recorder as it’s garbage. Amolto is free as well!

Download Amolto Here

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