Important Elements of Kindness

Kindness is often thought of as randomly cheering someone up, doing a good deed for someone else, or being nice no matter what. While these examples are very kindness-driven, the concept is so much more than just that. There are many factors that go into how you act toward others. These factors may seem like simple parts of a daily life, but they all have much more impact than we typically give them credit for. There are many examples of kindness and many factors that go into it, but some of the most important elements are the ones that we don’t stop to think about enough.


Being loyal should be a natural action for most people, but it is still important to be aware of from time to time. Sometimes we can get so absorbed in our own lives that we forget to support those we care about. Other times we may be so insistent on helping one friend that we leave someone else behind. It is important to stay loyal and supportive to all the people in our lives because you never know when someone might need you the most.

Also, don’t only be there for your friends and family when they’re having a hard time. Yes, it is important to help them out when they’re upset, but it is even better to be there for them all the time, through all their ups and downs. Let them know that you care all the time instead of only when they’ve hit a low point. Most people do not just want your pity attention. They want to know that you will always be there for them no matter what. You don’t necessarily have to take time away from your busy life to let everyone know you care, but if you check in with them every so often and act kind to them just on a normal day, this will help them to see that your loyalty is sincere.


It can be easy for a little lie to slip out from time to time. Sometimes we feel that it is easier to dodge a question than to be direct about the answer. Telling the truth is not always simple, but it is an element that helps build trust between people. You should want to be the kind of person your friends come to because they trust you and respect your honesty. It is much kinder for you to be upfront with those you care about than to keep things from them, but sometimes this act can be easier said than done.

Sometimes being one hundred percent honest seems unnecessary or overkill, but honesty and trust are two traits that can go a long way. Even if you are worried about the truth being hurtful or hard to hear, in the long run it is usually helpful to let it out. If someone you are close to asks you something and you decide to keep it to yourself, then they will likely still find out eventually and get upset that you kept it from them. Don’t be the person that goes around hiding things from those that are close to you. Instead, do everything you can to make sure your relationships remain built on trust.

White wooden signpost with four arrows – “honesty”, “ethics”, “respect”, “integrity”.


If you don’t fully respect someone, then kindness can be a difficult thing to achieve. Not all your friends and family are going to be exactly like you. They’re not all going to agree with everything you say or get along with you every day. However, these differences are things that you need to respect about each other. You need to be open to hearing the opinions of others and you need to be able to accept that others can think differently sometimes.

Instead of shooting down the ideas and opinions of those around you, try to remain open to new ideas so that they can feel more accepted and appreciated. Be respectful of everyone’s thoughts and feelings, regardless of it you agree with them or not. It may seem like such a simple part of life, but people often forget about how much a lack of respect can hurt others.


Keeping in touch with others and effectively communicating is an important part of being kind. Not just casually talking to someone, but checking in with them often and making sure everything is going well in their lives. Don’t talk to others just to fill the awkward silence or take up some time; make a real connection with them. Let them know that you care about them and don’t be scared to talk about the deeper, more important topics. Communicating effectively with others is a great way to spread kindness and make those around you happier and more appreciative.

There are many other elements of kindness, but these are just a few of the common ones that people often forget or don’t pay enough attention to. By being aware of how you’re acting toward others, it is easier to give a kind attitude and build stronger relationships. The little parts of life can sometimes be the most important when it comes to being nice to other people. Make sure those you care about feel wanted by being kind to them and encouraging them to pay that kindness forward.