6 Simple Ways We Can All Make the World a Kinder Place

We all dream of a kinder, more peaceful world, but the truth is most people don’t believe it’s even possible. It’s hard to imagine a world like that when the one we’re in now is full of war, inequality, and injustice.

It may seem impossible, but with a collective effort, we can create a world that is loving, kinder, and benefits everyone. It just takes small actions from each individual.

So what kind of steps can you take? Check out the list below to get some insight into how you can help create a kinder world now.

Give someone a smile

In today’s crazy non-stop world we are constantly distracted. Things like social media, technology, and feelings of missing out cause us to stay stuck on autopilot. This makes it hard to be aware of your surroundings let alone other people.

That’s why we should slow down connect with each other in person. Something as simple as a smile can make this easier. Smiling is contagious and makes us all feel good.

When someone smiles at you, you automatically want to smile back. A smile shows a person that they deserve kindness and develops an automatic connection that wouldn’t be possible if we were staring at our phones.

Respect others

Lack of respect is a huge contributing factor to how people respond to each other. From personal relationships to international relationships, respect is a necessary component for any successful interaction.

Respecting others means treating each other as equals. It means understanding that people have different perspectives and experiences. It means being non-judgmental.

We all deserve respect, so why not give someone the gift of being treated fairly and as an equal?

Focus on the positives

The world is full of negativity; at least that’s what you might believe if you ever watch the news or talk to other people. When you watch most news you get nothing but stories of war, the latest health scare, and dire statistics. Now, think about your conversations with other people. How many of us complain about life on a regular basis? We’re all guilty of it. We complain about work, about our relationships, and everything in between.

There’s just so much negativity clouding things sometimes it gets hard to see the light, but the reality is there are just as many positive things going on in the world.

It’s all about where our focus lies. Yes, there are heartbreaking stories going on in the world, but there are just as many heartwarming stories of love, perseverance, and unity. Instead of living in fear and hysteria, why don’t we choose to focus on the good stuff and do what we can to make a positive impact?

Realize we are all humans

Many of us believe in the illusion that we are separate and different. Things like racism and prejudice stem from this belief. It’s sad to think that something like the color of a person’s skin can give the impression of being inadequate.

When you realize this is just an illusion you will see that we are all the same. We all need air. We all need water. We all want love, security, and the opportunity to improve our lives.

Yes, we may have different religious beliefs or live in different countries, but we all want and need the same basic things. Once you start looking at life from this vantage point the world immediately becomes kinder.

Focus on yourself

When I think of the time people dedicate to focusing on things outside of their control, I am astonished. We focus on things like celebrity gossip to or who said what on Twitter.

Instead of wasting time worrying about what other people are doing, why don’t we take a step back and focus on what we can control? Ourselves.

You can only control what you do as an individual. You cannot control the thoughts, feelings, or actions of others. So when you start taking control of yourself can control the way you react, the way you treat others, and the things that give your life meaning.

This, in turn, teaches others to take control of their lives as well. When we all do this we can create a world that is full of respect and harmony.

Be understanding

Humans have a long history of persecuting individuals for their beliefs, status, race, or actions. The violence and judgment behind these things are born from ignorance. Ignorance by definition is the lack of knowledge or information.

This lack of knowledge and awareness is the root of so many problems. If we take the time to understand each other we can look at the world through compassionate eyes.

Everyone cannot fit inside the same box, and that is what makes life so beautiful. It’s the variety of it all that adds depth and magic to life.

So you see, making the world a kinder place doesn’t have to be a far-fetched impossible goal. It just takes a small consistent effort from everyone. You can start spreading the message now with our Kindness Cards.