When It Comes to Kindness, Use Your Intuition

So your kindness cards have finally arrived and you’re ready to start spreading some positive vibes, but you’re not sure where to start. Well, when it comes to spreading kindness, the best place to start is your intuition.

Using your intuition as a starting point to creating a spontaneous, thoughtful gesture is the key to spreading a feeling that people will truly appreciate. There’s nothing better in the world than taking part in a genuine act of kindness.

Things like getting a gift for a loved one out of the blue, paying someone a heartfelt compliment, or helping a random stranger are all things I’ve done when I’ve followed my intuition. These ideas just popped in my head out of nowhere and without hesitation I decided to act on them. I have a recent example of this from just a couple of weeks ago.

I was working and decided to go out to lunch by myself because I was really craving some fries. When I set out to get some food I didn’t think beyond getting food for myself. I didn’t ask anyone at my job if they wanted anything, but once I was in line I thought of my good friend who really loves the fries at that particular restaurant. So I decided to get her a surprise treat.

When I got back to work and gave them to her, she was so surprised and happy to receive a random gift, even if it was just some fries. She asked me if there was a special reason why I got them, and I just told her I knew she loved their fries and decided to buy her some.

Now, it may seem like this wasn’t that significant, but it meant a lot more to her than just having a snack. A little later that afternoon she told me she had been having a stressful day and the fries were just what she needed. She felt appreciated, and that small gesture instantly lifted her mood.

Knowing this made me feel even better than I was already feeling. I was so happy that I followed my intuition because I was able to do a kind deed for my friend, which not only brightened her day but mine as well.

The best part was that this act of kindness made me realize that I really should go with my gut when I feel the urge to do something nice. When you get that feeling don’t sit and think about it. Just do it.

Once you start over thinking and debating on what you should do, it’s already too late. By that time you’ve already started to lose enthusiasm altogether. More than likely, you’ll decide to opt out and tell yourself you’ll do something nice later. That is not the mindset to be in when you’re looking to spread kindness.

When you want to do something nice, whether it’s for a loved one, an animal, or even for yourself it’s important that you remain open-minded and trusting. When your intuition is kicking in and pushes you to do a random act of kindness, go with that.

Those are the moments that feel the best. If a kind act feels forced it’s not going to come off as authentic. It won’t have the same effect on you compared to the times when you follow your heart. That’s what really makes an impact.

The world needs kindness and love now more than ever. Positivity truly has the power to change the world, but positivity can’t flow freely if people are full of doubt. Your intuition will always guide you where you need to go, and we all have the power to connect to that voice inside of us.

If we all started listening to our hearts and living life through the perspective of compassion it would become second nature to be kind towards one another. It feels good to feel loved and understood, but it feels even better to make someone else feel that way.

Once the kindness starts, it cannot be stopped. So the next time you have an idea to do something nice, go for it, and you’ll see how it transforms you.