The Relationship Between Patience and Kindness

Whether we want it to or not, life can get extremely busy. We find ourselves rushing from one responsibility to the next and trying to get everything done as quickly as possible. Being productive is great, but sometimes rushing unnecessarily can come at a cost. People will drive recklessly or cut in lines just to get everything done as quickly as possible. We often get so absorbed in getting everything done that we don’t pay attention to those around us. But what many people fail to realize is that patience is a key part of kindness. Taking your time in life can oftentimes be much more appreciated that trying to rush to get somewhere first.

Everyone gets angry while driving from time to time. Whether it’s at someone driving recklessly or someone driving a bit under the speed limit, we often get upset. Traffic isn’t fun for anyone, but honking at others and getting frustrated will not make the journey any faster. Instead, it will only upset those around you. Even if you are running late, speeding and cutting others off will only put you and those around you in danger. Even though it can difficult to be patient at times, especially when driving, going too fast and putting others in danger will not help anyone. Try to be as considerate at possible while on the road. Everyone is trying to get somewhere in a timely fashion, not just you. Therefore, if someone is trying to change lanes or get through the traffic, try letting them through instead of speeding up and cutting them off. You don’t want other drivers to act rudely toward you, so why act that way yourself? Even if you’re in a rush, it’s not an excuse to be impatient towards others. Little acts of kindness on the road can be greatly appreciated, especially when it’s busy.

A similar situation to driving is flying. Many people become impatient before traveling from one location to another. Whether it’s waiting in line for security, waiting to board, or waiting for the plane to take off, people always find a way to complain if things don’t go as quickly as possible. However, by being negative about these waiting times, you could be causing those around you to become impatient as well. Someone might be excited to go on vacation or see their family, but your negativity could make their eagerness feel less important. Traveling is supposed to be exciting. The fact that we can travel so far in such little time is sometimes hard to believe. So, don’t let the little inconveniences affect your travel. Instead, just enjoy the experience. You will still get to your destination. If a flight is delayed, it is certainly not on purpose. Don’t let these little inconveniences take over your attitude. Be patient and be grateful that you can even travel so easily. It may seem like just another routine, but it really is a great experience to travel in the air.

Not all patience has to do with traveling. It is also a part of our daily lives, such as waiting in line at the store or at an amusement park. It could also be waiting for your food at a restaurant, whether it’s fast food or sit down. Inconveniences happen. An issue might come up at the checkout computer or there could be a mix up with your food order. It will always happen from time to time, and those involved are likely trying their best to fix it instead of getting impatient. Therefore, you should do the same. Try to take your mind off the fact that you need to wait longer to help avoid you from getting frustrated. If it is clear that you are growing impatient, this could stress out those around you as well. Therefore, on a day-to-day basis, be aware of when you are becoming impatient and try your best to find out how to avoid feeling this way. Try to focus your mind on happier subjects to forget about the lengthened wait time.

Being patient with those around you will help to spread kindness faster. People appreciate those who are calm and understanding when something goes wrong. What people won’t appreciate is if you are constantly angry and impatient over the smallest inconveniences. Spread positivity and kindness no matter the situation because it could really help to improve your daily environment both for you and those around you.