Ten Fun Ideas for Kind Deeds

Doing a kind deed does take a certain amount of creativity. I don’t mean the kind of creativity that only belongs to an artist, or only comes to you in an emergency. What I mean is that doing something kind requires you to give it some thought. Kindness could come naturally to you, but only after you make a habit of it. And you only make a habit of it after practicing it.

So sometimes you need a good idea. Today’s your lucky day. I’ll give you ten ideas. Pick at least one of these to try in the next seven days. If it works out, go for another. Can you do ten in a month?

Buy Someone Delivery Pizza

When they least expect it, have a ten dollar pizza delivered to a friend. Just for kicks. Who doesn’t want free pizza? Just make sure you include a tip. You should probably make sure they’re home, too.

Send Them a Funny Card

People expect cards on holidays, birthdays, after a loss, or during a sickness. What if you just sent a card just because? Make it a goofy one, like those ones with old people on the front. Maybe all they need is a good laugh, one they can put on the mantle and look at.

Tie a Bunch of Balloons to their Car or Front Porch

Balloons are cheap, but so festive. Get a bunch, fill them with helium, and just go to town on a friend’s property. Maybe leave a note with a pun, telling them, “hope you have an uplifting day.”

Pay for the Person Behind You in Line

Ever done this before? When you’re at a drive-thru, pay for the meal of the person behind you. Just check to make sure it’s not a family of twelve.

Leave Money on a Vending Machine or Parking Meter

Have you ever been in that spot? You need a few calories or a place to park, but don’t have any change on you? Help a future stranger out who might be in that same spot.

Pick Up Litter in Your Neighborhood

I mean, somebody has got to do it. Just because it’s not your yard doesn’t mean it’s not your hood. Beautify a nearby area to help others feel more dignity about where they live. Be a good neighbor.

Leave a Free Umbrella at a Bus Station

Ever been caught in the rain without an umbrella? It could really ruin your day. Leave an umbrella somewhere like a bus stop with a note to let others know it’s free for the taking. Someone who needs to stay dry will be in a better spot.

Plant a Tree in Someone’s Name

Buy a sapling, find an appropriate public place, and plant it. Then buy an inexpensive little signpost you can stick next to it telling everyone that the tree was planted in honor of someone who deserves a tree planted in their name. Even if they never see it until years from now, it will make an impact.

Say Something Nice About Someone on Social Media

People can be really mean to one another. Log on to your Facebook or Twitter, find someone you don’t know that well or aren’t already best friends with, maybe even someone you tend to disagree with. Then, without any false motives, or expecting anything in return, write on their wall something positive, but not embarrassing. Let everyone see that you mean it and it’s true.

Take Them Out to Eat. Say It’s Their Birthday!

Ok, some people might find this unethical. Restaurants to have to spend money on their cute little desserts. But if you’re fine with it, and the other person is willing to play along with it, you can turn a boring lunch into a randomly festive moment that you can laugh about for years to come.