Spread Kindness and Not Judgment

A bad habit that many people possess is judging others before really getting to know them. Any little thing about a person’s looks, personalities, likes, or dislikes can cause people to judge or look down on them. Sometimes it can be hard to keep these negative thoughts out of a person’s head, but it is better to ignore them than to spread them around and tell others.

You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life and no one wants to be talked badly about. Just one rude comment could ruin a person’s day. So, why don’t we focus more on our positive thoughts rather than our negative ones? We can just as easily lift someone’s spirits as we can bring them down, so we should really try to help others rather than hurt them.

Bringing joy to others may sound like a lot of work at first, but really, you don’t even need to go out of your way to do it. Kindness does not always need to be some grand gesture. You don’t have to buy someone’s groceries or give them nice things to bring a smile to their face. Oftentimes, people just like to know that there are other good people out there. There are lots of simple ways to spread this positivity around.

Greeting Others

It may feel weird to interact with people you don’t know, but sometimes a polite “hi” as you pass someone on the street can make all the difference. Rather than keeping your distance from others as you walk by, acknowledge them because it can help them to feel more accepted and may even make their day. Sometimes it can be difficult to find nice people in life, so if you act friendly toward others, then it could lift their spirits more.

There are probably many neighbors that you walk past every day, but don’t even know their name. There are probably workers at the stores you shop at regularly that you see often. Don’t be afraid to say hello to these familiar faces as well. This way, they know that you remember them and it may allow you to get to know them better. Many people enjoy when they are acknowledged or remembered by someone.


Even if you’re in a rush, it can’t hurt to hold the door for someone at the store or to say a simple “please” and “thank you” as you are checking out or asking for help. Many people are in such a hurry to get their errands done, that they are rude to the workers and those around them. A friendly face can make a person’s job or shopping trip much calmer and more tolerable.

If you need to squeeze past someone, say “excuse me” instead of trying to shove your way past. These may seem like things that should just be a habit, but people often forget about it if they’re in a hurry or in a bad mood. Therefore, always try to stay polite toward other people and tell them to “have a nice day.” A little politeness can go a long way.


People often take a lot of time to choose their perfect outfit or to get their hair to look just right. Don’t be afraid to compliment someone if you love their shoes or the way they did their makeup. It may seem easier just to notice these little things from afar, but if you actually compliment the person out loud, this could raise their self-esteem. They may have taken a long time to look good, so of course, they would like to be noticed for it. Thinking a kind thing is never as effective as acting on it.


This is the simplest act of kindness, but also one of the most effective. When passing someone on the street, it can’t hurt to give them a smile. Smiling can sometimes feel contagious and if others see you looking cheerful, then they will likely smile back. If you go throughout your day with a grumpy look on your face, then this could cause others to worry or feel bad for you. Don’t be afraid to smile just for the sake of smiling. You could be cheering someone up without even realizing it.

The nicer you are to others, the more likely they will smile or say, “thank you” in return, spreading your own kindness and politeness back to you. Therefore, the next time you feel the urge to talk badly about someone or even think negatively toward them, try to stop and find a way to brighten their day instead. Make it a habit to be friendly to everyone and not just select people. The world needs less judgment and more kindness spread around. This means that each person can help to make a difference.

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