Kindness on Social Media

For many people, it can be easier to say what’s on their mind over text or on social media rather than face to face. This causes people to think they can say whatever they want. If they see a post on Facebook that they dislike, they tend to go on a rant about it. If someone sees a comment that they disagree with, then they often feel the need to start an unnecessary fight. They post these negative thoughts so confidently online even though they would never be that rude to someone in person. But what people often forget is that hurtful comments on social media can hurt just as much as negative statements in real life. It is important to not only be kind to others in person, but online as well.

There are so many different social media sources to post on and so many different pages to follow. The amount of information that is found online seems to be endless. Because of this, there will always be posts or comments out there that we disagree with or things that upset us. Everyone has different thoughts and opinions, and we all have a right to share them. However, there is a difference between sharing your opinions about being hurtful about it. Don’t make comments just to bring others down. If you feel the need to disagree with someone, try to phrase it in a way that isn’t disrespectful to them. Put some thought into what you post before you put it out there for the world to see because you never know how it could affect those reading it.

Everyone uses social media differently. Some people choose to put content out there daily while others only use it only for certain events or celebrations. There is no right or wrong way to go about it, but if you do post a lot, make sure to be mindful of what you say. If you want to post every day, don’t just post the first thing that comes to your head because it might not always be the kindest or most appropriate. Keep in mind that others will look at this, so try to avoid saying anything rude or purposely calling anyone out. When you post something, it is out there for the world to see, so you never know who could stumble upon it. It may not seem as harmful as being rude in person, but sometimes it can have even worse consequences.

Even if you try your best to always be kind on the internet, there is never a guarantee that everyone will be polite and respectful in return. Some people really enjoy picking an unnecessary fight or shoving their opinions in other people’s faces. Even if someone does this to you, try your best to remain calm. Try to stay reasonable with the person instead of lashing out in retaliation. Help to show them the benefits of being kind on social media. The more people that resist writing negative comments, the friendlier these websites and apps will be.

There are lots of negative people out there, and we should try to do everything we can to not let them get to us and especially not let them hurt others. If you see someone that is upset because of social media, stand up for them and try your best to cheer them up. Help them realize that they don’t need to let hateful people hurt them online. Instead of spreading fights and disagreements on social media, stand up for those who need it. Let others know that not everyone is out there to be rude by letting them know that you care. Even if it’s a Facebook friend that you haven’t talked to in a long time, a little kindness can go a long way.

The most important things to remember when posting content online is to think things through before you say them. In real life, you shouldn’t go around saying whatever judgmental thought pops into your head on a normal day, so why act any differently online? Treats others with respect whether you are right next to each other or miles away. Hiding behind a screen is never an excuse to hurt others, so make sure you treat people kindly both in person and through social media.