Every New Day Is Another Chance To Change Your Life

…After a while it just becomes mundane…

The same routine, same people, same view- day after day, night after night.

Where is the spark? The joy in meeting someone new? In experiencing a new place? In helping someone outside of your comfort zone or race? The joy of life is sucked out of you and replaced by- complacency.

Is this all there is to life? I wonder…

Wonder is what we need more of- that feeling of surprise!! The moment that you see something you’ve never seen before, the smile you haven’t witnessed in a while, the experience you’re taking all in! Then, comes admiration – from the beautiful scenery to the smell of the wet grass, to the palm tree swaying in the wind, to the sounds of the ocean, to the laughter at the pool, to the sunset laden with airplanes. It’s the unexpected, unfamiliar- that’s where LIFE lies.

What is life? Life is the way you live- your existence.

YOU define your life- the way you live. Do you live for yourself or for pleasing others? Do you live for adventure or for security? Do you live for God or for the world? What is your way of life??

Define it, examine it, and have the courage to change it-

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