Don’t Look Down On Others

We all know that we should treat everyone equally. Despite our differences, we are all people that deserve the same love and respect as each other. However, even though this is a commonly known fact, people often choose to ignore it. If we have a lot of success in our lives or if we suddenly become wealthy, it may cause us to think we’re better than those around us. Success and fame can cause us to become more selfish and judgmental. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Despite how fortunate or unfortunate you may be in life, you should always treat others the way you want to be treated and never look down on them. The world would be a much better place if this is how everyone acted toward each other.

Just because someone has a lot of wealth or success does not mean that they need to act differently. There are some celebrities that keep everything for themselves and don’t give a thought about other people, but not all of them act this way. There are some famous people that go out of their way to give to others despite their fame and fortune. A good example of this is a current pop singer and songwriter named Andy Grammer. Even though he has many hit songs and has had lots of sold out concerts, he always takes the time to be kind to others. Not only does he have a habit of surprising and bringing joy to his fans in unexpected ways, but he also focuses on random acts of kindness, such as paying for other tables at restaurants. Despite his recent luck and fame in life, he takes time to give to others, and he is always seen with a smile across his face. He may not be the most well-known musician, but the way he treats those around him really stands out from other stars that keep their good fortune to themselves.

While Andy Grammer’s kindness is a great example of treating others with respect, it does not just go for famous people. It goes for everyone. Oftentimes, we look down on others without even realizing it. We often see other people’s misfortunes as less than our own. We try to put ourselves first because we think we know best, but we can’t let our own emotions discount the feelings of others. If someone is upset after a two-month relationship coming to an end while you are upset over a one-year relationship ending, that doesn’t mean that their pain doesn’t matter. Just because it seems less significant than your problems does not make hurt less for them. Everyone experiences things differently, so you can’t just assume how someone feels. Relationships are just one example, but other things such as work, school, and hobbies can cause people to look down at each other as well. We might think that this isn’t something that we do, but sometimes it happens without us even realizing it. It is an important thing to become aware of so that we can treat those around us more fairly.

Looking down on others doesn’t just go for the hardships in life, but it also relates to the achievements we receive. If someone is excited about scoring a simple part-time job while you just got a promotion at your full-time one, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be excited. Not everyone wants the same things in life. Don’t make others feel bad just because you think your achievements are more notable. Instead, congratulate others on a job well done. If they are excited about something, be happy with them. Let them know that they are doing a good job instead of questioning it. Let everyone take their own path and don’t judge them for it. Not everyone can have the same exact feelings you do, so try to embrace your different experiences.

In order to stop these unfair behaviors, it is best for us to take the time to get to know other people better so that we can better understand them. We can’t just jump to conclusions or treat them poorly because we have something that they don’t. Be kind to others and treat everyone with an equal amount of respect. Not everyone experiences the same things and life, and not everyone has the same goals. Just because one person’s life turned out extremely different from someone else’s does not mean that one person is right or wrong. It just means that we are all human and we need to learn to accept our differences instead of making each other feel bad about them.

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