5 Reasons Why Dogs Spread Kindness

It is no secret that most pet owners are much happier when they are around their animals. There is something thrilling about have an excited dog run up to you with a tail wagging, even if you’ve only been gone for a short period of time. It can be relaxing to snuggle with your puppy after a long day at work. Never underestimate the kindness of a loving dog, because they can help boost our positivity much more than we even realize. Our dogs not only make us happier and help our own kindness, but there are also many ways that they can spread kindness to others as well.

1. They are Excited to Greet New People

Being greeted by other people is a great feeling, but being greeted by a dog takes it to a whole new level. A dog will often come running to you with a tail wagging just to say hi. Dogs don’t think twice about rushing to meet someone new or to welcome an old friend, they just go for it. A friendly, excited dog makes it near impossible not to crack a smile.

As a dog owner, you will want your dog to bring joy to others, but make sure to be careful. Sadly, not everyone is a dog person, so make sure your dog is only greeting those who are excited about dogs. If you see someone gazing adoringly at your pet, ask them if they’d like to say hi. Your dog will more than likely want as much love as possible, so go ahead and make someone’s day by introducing them to your dog. It is a kind gesture that both your dog and those around you will enjoy.

2. They are Loyal

Loyalty is an important part of living a kind lifestyle because it helps build trust. Dogs tend to trust those that are close to them very quickly, and it can be a great feeling. Having a dog be there for you and your friends can help to lift some of the stress away. If you know someone that is having a hard time, letting them spend some time with your dog can often cheer them up a bit. Dogs like to live life without a worry in the world. They just want to be loved and spread love to others. If someone needs a friend to snuggle with and cheer them up, then a dog is the perfect companion to do so.

3. They Enjoy Playing

Of course, not every dog is the same, but dogs typically are just looking to run around and have some fun. Chasing the same ball over and over again might not seem interesting to you, but it means the world to your dog. Staring out the window all day long might get old, but to your dog, it’s like an interesting television show. These little things are important because it reminds us that dogs appreciate the little things in life. They live in the moment and don’t go out of their way to hurt others. They just want to play and be with those that love them. Just because dogs and people are not the same doesn’t mean that we can’t learn a thing or two from them. We need to learn to enjoy the little things to help us be happy. Nothing spreads kindness like the joy in a playful dog’s eyes. Try taking your dog out in public often so that others can enjoy your dog’s cheerful spirit.

4. They Love Attention

Even if you’ve had a bad day or you’ve made lots of mistakes at work, your dog doesn’t care. They just want to be by your side and absorb as much of your attention as possible. They will always be happy to see you and will help improve your mood.

However, don’t just keep your dog’s pure and forgiving spirit to yourself. Invite your friends over often and let them give your dog some attention too. Petting a dog can sometimes take away a lot of the stress and worries of the world and bring a smile to the faces of others. Attention from dogs seems like such a common thing as a pet owner, but it greatly helps the wellbeing of those around the dog.

5. And, Of Course, They’re Adorable

We can’t help it; cute things just make us feel like happier, kinder people. If we see a cute puppy walk by, we often can’t help but get excited. By allowing your dog to spend time around other people, you are sharing kindness without even realizing it. So many people have dogs of their own, but they often fail to realize how important dogs are in their day to day lives. Dogs can spread kindness much easier than most humans can, so don’t take your dogs for granted and allow others to share in their joy.

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