4 Ways Meditation Can Help You Become a Kinder Person

Meditation has increased in popularity over the last few decades, especially in recent years. According to the CDC, the number of adults who said they meditate increased from 4.1% to 14.2% just between 2012 and 2017 alone.

This rise of mindfulness makes sense when you think about all the benefits meditation has to offer. From anxiety relief to increasing your attention span, the list of perks seems to go on forever.

Although more people are becoming aware of the benefits and incorporating meditation into their lives, there are some additional positive effects that are have gone overlooked. One of these bonuses is the fact that meditation can help you become a kinder person.

Meditating on a daily basis for even just 5 minutes is all it takes to transform your outlook on life and change how you treat others. If you’re skeptical, don’t worry. Here are 4 examples of how adding meditation to your life can turn you into a person who is more caring and compassionate.

It will heighten your self-awareness

When you are self-aware, you become a better person overall and are grounded, confident, and not afraid of being yourself. You will develop a deep understanding of who you are and what you want out of life. This means you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to, and set an extraordinary example for others.

When you are in tune with who you are you will be able to make effective decisions and motivate others. You can encourage others in a way that is more effective because they will see this new self-assured side of you.

It will help you maintain a peaceful attitude

A lot of people want to do more kind things but don’t end up doing what they want because they are overwhelmed by life. It’s difficult to be a better person when you are angry or stressed out. Meditation silences that part of your brain and ushers in a new peaceful side that lives in the moment.

Maintaining this peaceful mindset is easy when you meditate on a regular basis. It will allow you connect to others easier and you will feel more inclined to spread kindness. People will be inspired by your attitude and will want to interact with you more on a deeper level.

Increases empathy

In case you’re not sure what it means to be empathetic, let me explain. Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and understanding their perspective. When you are able to get a sense of what someone is experiencing it can be a great comfort to others.

Showing empathy is a kind act in and of itself, but it can also unlock more opportunities to brighten someone’s day. By being emotionally intelligent and connecting to how another person feels you will help them feel validated and respected. This can do wonders for diffusing a tough situation or boosting someone’s spirit.

Boosts your intuition

Your intuition is something that you should always be connected with because it is your inner navigation. It can especially come in handy when you’re on a mission to spread kindness. By listening to your own inner wisdom, you can better serve yourself and others.

When you follow your intuition you will immediately know when you should the right moment arises to do something kind. You’ll also know exactly what you need to do at that moment to make a difference. It could be recycling, telling a loved one what they mean to you, or buying coffee for a stranger!

No matter what the situation, always remember that random acts of kindness are the most impactful because they are the most heartfelt. Meditation might have a lot of benefits, but getting to know yourself and the world around you is beneficial to the entire world.

As you can see, meditation can have profound effects on your life and the entire world. So if you weren’t already convinced about how meditation can make you a kinder person I’m sure you are by now.

The catch is that we can only achieve change if each person takes the steps to be kinder first. Start contributing to yourself and the world today by adding meditation to your daily routine. You will be so glad you did!

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